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Rinat Zemach

multidisciplinary artist and an art therapist.


My way of working is very intuitive.

In a moment of silence or staring, different characters come to visit me in my head; they lure me to sweep away with them, through their clothing, their appearance, and their nature.

They make me laugh, mainly because they manage to invade my daily routine and make me follow them in my imagination.

Some of them are strangers that deep inside I crave to be like them. Others were part of me in the past.

Following the character in my head, I look for similar images on the Internet and process it to sketch by using Photoshop. While working, I integrate my own face in the face of the original image and create a hybrid face made of two characters. In the next level, I print it and work on it using different art materials: fabrics, scrap, toys, papers, button, food, cooking products, etc.

The creative process takes place through my senses:

My eyes choose colors. My hands feel an urge to glue the material.

Finally, my work becomes three-dimensional and changes its face every time new material is combined into it.


The dialogue with new and different characters allows me to dare to break the boundaries of myself: I can be everything and not be bound to the habits and patterns that I grew up on. If the figure can be expressed in my artwork it may also be materialized in life itself.


Apart from working on my art, I work with youth at risk and with the third age as a facilitator of workshops.

I also run individual and group therapy with the self-portrait tool, which I have been developing since I finished my degree.


These days I am working on a new exhibition dealing with the subject of self-portrait and self-images through photography. I use computerized processing print and combine it with recycled materials.


My source of inspiration: Vik Muniz, Andy Warhol, Frida Kahlo, and Wassilliy Kandinsky

symbiosis. 3D. Mixed media combined with
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