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Duet with the


multidisciplinary artist and an art therapist.

In everything in nature there is an expression of cycles: the seasons, day and night, the cycle of animals and plants. Our body is also part of nature. The woman's fertility cycle corresponds to the lunar cycle, which is born, fills and diminishes for about a month. The word menstruation comes from the Latin word MENSES, meaning the change of the moon. In almost all cultures the moon is recognized as a female entity and even in Judaism there is a mitzvah to honor and bless the new moon every beging of the month just as the moon changes during the month in an energetic way - substantially, so does the woman's body. The female body is full of charm and wisdom: Women were attributed divine power, and healing properties. The treatment of women was like goddesses because the power of creation inherent in a woman's body is like the power of creation inherent in nature. The woman's body that bleeds once a month does not indicate danger or lead to death, but rather becomes a new life formation Unfortunately, this ancient wisdom which forgotten by most of us women in this modern where women are busy being financially independent, educated and adopting male patterns in order to survive.

I would like to return the woman's ancient power to the center of the stage and present it through a series of works in a parade the woman's connection with the moon and the power inherent in connection with nature.

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